Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry

Robert and Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry is a father/son-owned business. The story began when Robert was a young man working his way through the ranks of Shiffen Willens, a large chain of jewelry stores located in Michigan.

After several years in management, Robert decided it was time to venture out on his own, and thus the beginning of Robert Miller Fine Jewelry, a Michigan-based business.

After Jayson graduated from ASU with a bachelors degree in design, Robert and Jayson wanted to expand the business to include Arizona.

Jayson and his family reside in Arizona, love the state and the people. The decision was made to open Robert and Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry in the beautiful city of Glendale, Arizona. In 2016 the store was expanded to a second location in Glendale, Arizona.
They offer a full range of fine jewelry, from engagement rings, gold chains, pendants, beautiful diamonds and colored stone rings, along with watches and custom designs.

They also do full jewelry repairs.

The Glendale store is located at:

20022 N. 67th Ave., #118
Glendale, AZ 85308