Gold Buying Glendale

Gold Buying Glendale. What if you had hundreds or even thousands of dollars just lying around collecting dust in your home? Chances are, you do.

We Buy Your Gold!!

Sell Your Gold

What if you had hundreds or even thousands of dollars just lying around collecting dust in your home? Chances are, you do. When every penny counts, every dollar counts a hundred times more! There’s no surer way to come up with extra cash than to sell gold at Robert and Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry. Call us at 480-491-5162 or stop by in person to learn more about how you can get the cash you need in hand faster than you might think.

Why Sell Gold Now?

According to the World Gold Council, the worth of gold over a decade – from December 2000 to October 2010—increased an astonishing 394%. That means that a piece of gold valued at $100 in 2000 was worth $394 in 2010. That’s a lot of extra cash to pop up in that time! No matter where the economy turns, gold will always be a source of value, but at the same time, you want to cash in now, before this incredible upward trend starts to recede. After all, $100 is great—but wouldn’t you prefer the $394?

Search Your Home for Spare Gold

Aside from the most precious keepsakes, most of the gold around your house is probably something you could part with. Try digging around for the following, which may contain gold:
• Jewelry rarely worn
• Coins
• Watches
• Old dental crowns or fillings
• Old glasses frames
• Medals or trophies

If you’re not sure whether or not you have actual gold on your hands, we’ll be happy to evaluate your items in person at our Warner Rd. location. Before you junk it, make sure you’re not tossing out extra cash!

Selling Silver and Platinum Jewelry

If a piece of jewelry isn’t 100% gold, that’s perfectly fine. We can value the gold alone, or there’s a chance we’ll offer you money for the rest of the piece, too. When it comes to gold, those who come to Robert and Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry can get cash for the platinum and silver in their jewelry, too. Call 480-491-5162 or email us to learn how!

Selling Gold in Phoenix

Have a bill due or a sudden unexpected emergency come up and you can’t wait for the next paycheck? Don’t take out a loan; you’ll end up paying more in the long run, and possibly hurting your credit, too. If you need extra cash, sell gold Glendale residents! At Robert and Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry, we’ll give you a better than fair price, and you’ll be walking back home with cash fast.

Reliable AZ Gold Buyers

At Robert and Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry, we pride ourselves not only on providing stunning, quality pieces of jewelry for sale, but for proving time and time again to be a reliable place for people selling gold. We buy silver and platinum, too!

Call us at 480-491-5162 or send us an email now with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at our convenient Glendale location!